welcome to runtown


Runtown is a school for runners of all abilities – including beginners. Using ChiRunning® technique you will spend less energy for running and walking, and you will reduce impact on those body parts that are hit by running injuries (from your feet to lower back). At first you will run easier, and then further and faster.

RunTown addresses different needs or goals of runners and walkers and all those who aspire to become either!



Why should we learn how to run?


Indeed – why learn something that anyone can do? You just move a little faster and that's that, you're running.

Well, yes, you do run – but how far and how fast? And how do you get up from your bed next morning or how do you walk down the stairs? Why does practically every runner sooner or later experience some running related injury, usually a fairly persistent one?

You've guessed it: because of a wrong running technique. We were born for either bursts of dead-or-alive speed or to outlast our prey in a long run across the wild – but it was ages before we spent the larger part of our days sitting. Non-runners can't imagine running for 30 minutes, let alone an hour or more, but in fact it is much harder to sprint for your life across mere 50 meters. Please, do not test this without an at least 15 minute warm-up from top to toe!

We therefore need to (re-) learn how to run, because otherwise running often leads to chronic injuries which allow little or even no progress – or even bores some thrill seekers. But every runner knows that running is (just maybe) boring only until you speed up – and that the problem is that speeding up with a wrong technique causes injury.



Why should we learn how to run – in Ljubljana?


For two overwhelming reasons: the first is an unrivaled mix of running terrains which include track, hills, dirt and forest trails, all within walking distance – and within an hour's drive there’s a total change of scenery to either Alpine paradise or Mediterranean magic.

On top of that, Ljubljana is a small enough city to be manageable on foot, yet as a nation's capital it punches way above its size in terms of traditional or contemporary culture and other urban niceties, such as riverside bar hopping and many cozy and affordable restaurants, not to mention decent shopping.

Ljubljana guarantees great vistas and countless comfortable places for entertainment or relaxation in architectural styles from classical Roman and medieval and baroque all the way to early 20th century mystical eclectics of Jože Plečnik and current restyling after modernism's excesses.

Learning ChiRunning® in Ljubljana is both a (very) active holiday and an inspiring city-break. Ljubljana has become a tourist hot spot recently which means that it is easily reached by plane and that it offers a complete range of accommodations, including cozy hostels and local lets in the very heart of the city.



Road distances

Venice: 240 km

Munich: 410 km

Vienna: 380 km

Budapest: 460 km

Zagreb: 140 km

Belgrade: 530 km

Sarajevo: 540 km

Split: 470 km