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We are all different, both as people and as runners, too. And ChiRunning® is such a great running technique especially because its range allows everybody to match the learning and/or perfecting of their running to her or his current situation – either everyday demands or terrain or racing challenges.

Consider these reasons to relearn how to run with us, if you are a beginner, runner with issues or a runner with ambitions.



If you start running by learning ChiRunning®, you will probably save yourself many weekss or even years of being grounded by a running injury. You will learn how to walk and run using a system that prevents wrong motion patterns which demand bigger energy expenditure and often lead to injuries.

In sports a ratio of 1:4 applies to learning a new technique: it means that the new one will become automated only after 4 times as many repeats as the previous one. If you have therefore run one thousand kilometres with a wrong technique, your body will need four thousand to fully eliminate it.

ChiRunning® is also great for beginners because of its principle of gradual progress: first posture, then walking, and only then running. And in running it is first technique, then distance and only then speed. If you are content with walking and trekking, great: a major part of the base course is dedicated to posture and the ChiWalking® technique that gives you all you need for a varied and efficient outdoor exercise.

ChiRunning® base course is designed in a way that even those who have not been physically active can take part. However, we strongly recommend consulting with your doctor first.


runners with issues

Experience of hundreds of thousands of runners from all over the world and an increasing number of scientific studies prove that ChiRunning® is a very safe technique that eliminates most chronic injuries which develop due to the wrong running technique.

If you are prone to any of the typical running injuries (lower leg, knee or lower back problems), there is a high probability that switching to ChiRunning® will lead to their elimination.

It means you will be able to train more and better which leaves you more room for both more efficient time management in your everyday life as well as for your performance improvement. They are both connected to overall feeling good in and of yourself, too.

Even in case of minor injuries due to eventual overload or other causes – ChiWalking® (learning which is a part of the ChiRunning® Base Course) lets you enjoy varied and effective exercise outdoors.

It is even possible to take part in the Base Course while nursing a minor injury. However, we strongly recommend that before taking the Advanced Course (that includes running at speed as well as up and downhill) you treat your injuries to a state in which running does not cause you pain.


runners with ambitions

It is very common that a majority of regular runners set other goals apart from health and fitness: to run a certain distance or meet a time target, maybe even reach a competitive goal or finally decide a long running rivalry.

It pays to bear in mind when sketching such plans that more running and more power may not be the only way. To begin with it makes sense to consider not only how to become faster, but also whether your current style is not actually preventing you from going faster? If you look for ways to speed up without first eliminating existing limitations, it is as if you wanted to drive your car faster, but kept on braking at the same time.

 It is highly probable that you would experience significant progress already by eliminating technical deficiencies, but in any case your training will become more efficient and safer with sounder technique – many sports injuries can be traced to practice overload springing from desire to outperform technique and current ability.

 ChiRunning® Base and Advanced Courses teach you skills and tools for evaluation of your current technique and ability, and upon completion you can realistically plan your agenda of minor and/or major improvements, depending on your ambition and time constraints. We will be happy to work with you on these plans and there are also many additional resources at